Neck Chest Shoulder Yoke Shoulder Slope Jacket Length Shirt Length Natural Waist Pantwaist Hip Seat Pantwaist to Thigh Inseam Outseam Front Rise U-Crotch Thigh Knee Calf Ankle Full Sleeve Shoulder Sleeve Bicep Forearm Wrist

Available Measurements

Name Description
Neck Widest area of the neck
Chest Widest area of the chest
Shoulder Shoulder to neck to opposite shoulder distance
Yoke Straight line distance from shoulder to shoulder
Shoulder Slope Vertical distance that the shoulders slope
Jacket Length Base of the neck to the crotch area
Shirt Length Base of the neck to the widest part of the glutes
Natural Waist Most narrow part of the waist or stomach
Pantwaist Widest area where the trousers or belt-line sits
Hip Seat Widest area of the glutes or seat
Pantwaist to Thigh Distance from the pantwaist to the thigh
Inseam Crotch to the floor
Outseam Pantwaist to the floor
Front Rise Crotch to the pantwaist
U-Crotch Front pantwaist to crotch to back pantwaist
Thigh Widest area of the thigh
Knee Circumference of the knee
Calf Widest area of the calf
Ankle Circumference of the ankle
Full Sleeve Sleeve length measured from the base of the neck to the wrist
Shoulder Sleeve Sleeve length measured from the shoulder to the wrist
Bicep Widest area of the bicep
Forearm Widest area of the forearm
Wrist Circumference of the wrist